Challenge Facing Digitalization - Blind Men and an Elephant


  • Full-dimensional, object-oriented data collection.
  • Cannot be obtained by a single party.

  • [“Blind Men”]

  • Data users.

  • Highly dependent on percepting and storing data.

  • About JUZIX

    Juzix is a leading provider for distributed ledger technology. Dedicated to providing distributed data exchange and multi-party computation services in the era of digitalization.

    Juzix is committed to providing a new perspective for financial infrastructure using distributed ledger technology, delivering the next generation of innovation, development, operation, processing, and consultation services.

    As an infrastructure provider for data exchange platform, Juzix’s core technology consists of distributed ledger technology, multi-party computation, a suite of pluggable cryptographic frameworks and protocols, and a fully integrated solution for connecting hardware and software. As an infrastructure provider for financial services, transportation, logistics, aviation services, smart manufacturing, IoT, health care, and other industry services, along with the collaboration with leading cloud platforms, Juzix is committed to providing a one-stop, full-solution service for industries adopting distributed technology.

    Data Exchange Platform Using Distributed Ledger Technology

    Secure Data Storage

  • Digital Certificate
  • Authentication
  • Provenance
  • Secure Data Sharing

  • Authorized Sending for Private Data
  • Collaborative Computing for Confidential Data
  • Secure Data Exchange

  • System Integration
  • Process Optimization
  • Performance Improvement

    Achieve system performance in seconds
    Support RAFT, PBFT and other consensus mechanism
    Customized solution for data exchange

    Guaranteed Security

    Permission nodes with access control.
    Complete access control solutions that includes role-based access control and attribute-based encryption access control.
    Supports user authentication based on PKI, biometrics, and hardware security.


    Ops & Maintenance Support

    Provide containerized cloud platform support and pay-as-you-go services.
    Support plug-in configuration and automated navigational deployment.
    Provide enterprise grade out-of-the-box feature for operational management with comprehensive system monitoring.

    Privacy Encryption

    Achieved encryption protection in areas of identity, transaction, and accounts that is fully compliance to regulatory audit.
    Integrated with group signature, broadcast encryption, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge and other encryption algorithms.
    Support international, domestic, and post-quantum cryptography.

    Security Architecture


    On-demand customizable multi-level security services


    Secure key management
    Reliable & user-friendly hardware environment


    Secure key management
    Custom cryptographic solutions

    Custom Multi-Level Security Service

    Provide a Range of On-Demand Security Services

    Provide security services via API

    Provide Multi-Dimensional Security System

    A variety of security services can be combined in different dimension

    Provide Easy-to-Scale Security Capabilities

    Easy to expand security capabilities

    Trusted Hardware Security

    Secure Key Management and Storage

    Provide secure key generation, distribution, validation, and update.

    Trusted Execution Environment

    Tamper-proof hardware implementation of algorithms ensures secure execution.

    Quality User Experience

    Users do not need to memorize or backup private key; UKEY can be used directly.

    Custom Cryptographic Frameworks

    Diverse Frameworks with APIs

    Provide developers with easy to use experience, complete cryptographic frameworks with APIs

    Stable performance

    Cryptographic frameworks with high stability and usability that supports cross-platform usage

    Meet Our TEAM

    • Lilin Sun Founder & CEO Founder & CEO of Juzix, Deputy Director of Technology at Chinaledger. 10+ years at China UnionPay as Head of Strategy, Market Development, and Mobile Innovation.
    • Anlun Chen Founder & COO Founder & COO of Juzix. Senior Marketing Manager at Shanghai Media Group. Chief Marketing Officer at China TV Pay (under UnionPay).
    • Shenglin Li Founder & CTO Founder & CTO of Juzix. 15+ years in system architecture & implementation. Ex-China Mobile Research Institute. System Architect at Aspire.
    • Ada Xiao CSO CSO of Juzix. Head of Business Development at Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. Ex-CICC