JUZIX-Maneuvering Data to Flow

Core Features  


Performance Improvement

 --Meet Market Standards--

Achieve system performance in seconds
Support RAFT, PBFT and other consensus mechanism
Customized data exchange strategy

Privacy Encryption

--Pluggable Encryption Protection--

Achieved encryption protection in areas of identity, transaction, and accounts that is fully compliance to regulatory audit. 
Integrated with group signature, broadcast encryption, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge and other encryption algorithms.
Support international, domestic, and post-quantum cryptography.

Guaranteed Security

--Comprehensive Security System--

Fully permission controlled nodes with management access.
Contract commands can be configured based on attributes. 
Supports user authentication based on PKI, biometrics, and hardware security. 

Ops & Maintenance Support

--   Low Ops & Maintenance Costs--

Provide containerized cloud platform support and pay-as-you-go service.
Support plug-in configuration and automated navigational deployment.
Provide enterprise grade out-of-the-box feature for operational management with comprehensive system monitoring. 

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