JUZIX-Maneuvering Data to Flow
Trusted Hardware Security
Secure Key Management and Storage
Provide secure key generation, distribution, validation, and update.
Trusted Execution Environment
Tamper-proof hardware implementation of algorithms ensures secure execution.
Quality User Experience

Users do not need to memorize or backup private key; UKEY can be used directly.

Custom Cryptographic Frameworks
Diverse Frameworks with APIs
Provide developers with easy to use experience, complete cryptographic frameworks with APIs
Stable performance

Cryptographic frameworks with high stability and usability that supports cross-platform usage

Custom Multi-Level Security Service

Provide a Range of On-Demand Security Services

Provide security services via API
Provide Multi-Dimensional Security System
A variety of security services can be combined in different dimension
Provide Easy-to-Scale Security Capabilities
Easy to expand security capabilities
Security Architecture
On-demand customizable multi-level security services
Secure key management
Reliable & user-friendly hardware environment
Secure key management
Custom cryptographic solutions

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