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About Juzix

  • Juzix is a leading provider for distributed ledger technology. Dedicated to providing distributed data exchange and multi-party computation services in the era of digitalization.

  • Juzix is committed to providing a new perspective for financial infrastructure using distributed ledger technology, delivering the next generation of innovation, development, operation, processing, and consultation services. 

  • As an infrastructure provider for data exchange platform, Juzix’s core technology consists of distributed ledger technology, multi-party computation, a suite of pluggable cryptographic frameworks and protocols, and a fully integrated solution for connecting hardware and software. As an infrastructure provider for financial services, transportation, logistics, aviation services, smart manufacturing, IoT, health care, and other industry services, along with the collaboration with leading cloud platforms, Juzix is committed to providing a one-stop, full-solution service for industries adopting distributed technology.

JUICE Open Platform

Reliable data exchange solutions based on Ethereum:

  •  Efficient and reliable plug-in consensus mechanism PBFT、RAFT;

  •  Complex smart contracts;

  •  Group signature, broadcast encryption, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge and other privacy protection measures;

  •  Flexible access control management;

  •  Distributed storage system;

  •  User friendly web based management and monitoring tools;

  •  Secure cross-platform hardware solutions for private key storage and management.

Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

Maneuvering data to flow and exchange under a secure and trustworthy environment is what we are trying to achieve through our mature multiparty computation solutions.

With our MPC soluations, computation of data amongst several parties can take place without compromising the ownership and privacy of raw data. Juzix brings to the table a secure and efficient data exchange solution for the future digital world, it could be applied to big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other areas.

Non Interactive Zero Knowledge Proof (NIZK)

Juzix Introduces our NIZK solution based on Ethereum. The security of our algorithm was mathematically proven.

Our solution supports Ethereum account models and smart contracts, and it is optimized according to specific algebraic structure. We have achieved significant breakthrough in its performance, and it is ready for commercial uses.

The average proof generation time of our solution is within 70ms, the average proof verification time is within 50ms, and RAM consumed for proof generation is less than 4M. Our solution is compatible with lightweight devices such as smart phones and IPads.

Hardware Solution

Juzix is working with world leading hardware supplier Watchdata on developing hardware security solutions. We have released a Bluetooth/USB Key that supports our JUICE platform.

In addition to providing secure storage for private keys, our hardware key also supports Paillier algorithm, broadcast encryption, group signature, and our NIZK and MPC solutions.

Our hardware solution is compatible with various operating systems, including Web, Android and IOS.

Cloud Service

Infrastructure provider for blockchain based applications,with intergrated and comprehensive hardware solutions for secure data storage and exchange:

  •  Virtual container technology based on elastic computing;

  •  Efficient and user-friendly blockchain development evironment;

  •  Smarter allocation algorithms for distribution of resources and blockchain services;

  •  Secure node authentication and management methods;

Ensuring the security, reliability and efficiency of deployment and operation of the blockchain network while integrating cloud computation is our ultimate goal.

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